Godzilla (2014)

Godzilla (2014) Book Cover Godzilla (2014)

Starring: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen
Director: Gareth Edwards

Gareth Edwards directed the movie Monsters, in iwe really did not see much of the fore mentioned monsters, just passing glimpses. The same is true to a degree for Godzilla as we do not see him, only flashes of his backs scales until we really need to.This though is good it ramps up the tension, all the monster cries we hear and ground shaking experinced on screen adds to the mystery of this monster. However to call him a monster would be wrong- watch the movie and judge this for yourself.

It is a shame Bryan Cranston is not in the movie more, his grief stricken and slightly obsessive character was a intersting side to the plot. Elizabeth Olsen was a refreshing female lead, she could do with more screen time, as i really enjoyed her interaction with her husband Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). Aaron certainly added on the muscle for the role of Ford and he plays the two sides if his character with ease both military man and family man. It was refreshing to see him away from the role of Kick-Ass which i am more used to. This movie was released in the first wave if summer blockbusters, and starts the ball rolling well for a summer of great movies.

The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller by L.B.Simmons

The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller Book Cover The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller

Aubrey has experienced tragedy like you could never know from a found age, so she retreates into Raven a persona she takes to shield herself from feeling for other people.But when she goes away for school she meets Quinn and Kaeleb who manage to crack her shell and take Aubrey/Raven on a journey into a new life, which may prove difficult for all involved.

This book is one of my best reads of the year. Seriously I cannot tell you how much I loved it.When reading this book I literally had to put it down at points to digest what had happened to the characters, it hits you some hard the emotions and description by L.B. Simmons that you need to compose yourself before continuing. I must also add this is one book that had me tearing up in a way that I have only experienced rarely before with books, and trust me that is not me I don’t well up easily. You need to read this book to see how to look at life in a way that will open your eyes. 

Broken & Screwed by Tijan

Broken & Screwed Book Cover Broken & Screwed

Alexandra's older brother Ethan has died. Ethan's best friend Jesse is the only connection she has left to her brother, as Alex's parents are absent and she has no-one to talk to about how she feels. Jesse is the solace she needs he understands the hole left by Ethan's loss.We learn things are complicated for Alex and Jesse as they both have feelings for each other.

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie Mcguire

Beautiful Disaster Book Cover Beautiful Disaster
Jamie Mcguire
New Adult

Abby Abernathy has gone to university. She just was doing the usual university thing, until she met Travis Maddox, who began to shake apart the world she is used to. He is strong, smart and persistent to say the least. Abby meanwhile finds herself in situations with Travis where she does not know is she should go with her head or heart.

This book was amazing, i remember getting it on my kindle and reading it that very same wet english weekend, i could not put it down. I had to know what was happening between these two characters, the emotions Jamie created where ones of tension, romance and humour. It reminded me of what it was like being back at university, when you meet that one person who just barrels into your life be that for the best or not. I do not want to say anymore about this book to spoil it for anyone who has yet to read it. Ladies if you do not like Travis Maddox after reading this book i think you may need to see a doctor.

Books and the big screen

The intent and purpose of this blog is to review books,movies and TV shows that I have been reading and watching.I know the title of the blog is books and the big screen but I have decided to include TV shows as most people have a ‘big screen’ TV at home.Feel free to comment and recommend new items you have personally enjoyed but please refrain from rudeness no two people fully agree on anything and that is the nature of life.

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