Jon Favreau
out now

Carl is a chef, and a damn good chef, he was the talk of the culinary world at one point. However he is now stifled by his boos, demands on his life, and the pressure he is put under becomes too much and he cracks. When i say he cracks i mean he cracks big style all over the internet. This spurns him on eventually to look at his life and what he is good at, and what he should really be focusing on-unique food for everyone. In the process he becomes a different person and his eyes are opened to what he has been missing out on.

I have been wanting to see this movie since i heard about it in my movie magazine subscription Total Film, seeing the trailer only increased the hunger to see this movie.
Jon Favreau has created a movie so delicious and heartfelt that i want to move to Amercia and eat from food trucks forever. While watching the cooking of the food, which Favreau trained to do i turned to my best friend and expressed how hungry i was, do not go see this movie on an empty stomach, eat something fulfilling before going. Robert Downey Jr does a great job as a quirky ex, but for supporting roles it has to go to the young boy who plays Favreaus son. I am afraid to say though John Leguizamo is outstanding as the friend who always has your back and will provide the light relief when needed 🙂 This movie also embraces the ups and downs of social media on our lives.

This movie will leave you feeling good about yourself and will show you sometimes you have to take the big risks in life to do something you are good at and to properly enjoy life and the people you call family and friends.

This movie has a great soundtrack i will be getting that at some point

A film to make you hungry for life.