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Things That Matter #1
Casey Diam
16th July 2018

Nearly five years ago, my mom, dad, and sisters were assassinated. 
I should have died that night. 
I still question my mental state because I had no proof those same killers were after me. Yet still, I’d been trying to outrun them
Until I met him, Caleb Connor. 
Caleb became my safety net and I found I couldn’t pull away from him. Couldn’t run away from him. And if sanity hadn’t been lost on me, I would have recognized he was the last person I should have let into my life. 
The last person I should have trusted. 

My life has been anything but normal until Paige. She was supposed to be an opportunity, my father’s next target. 
I should have stayed away. It should’ve been that simple. But it wasn’t. 
Paige was my main ingredient to changing everything, and in order to do that I needed to get inside her head. It wasn’t easy but when it happened, a line was crossed we never knew existed. 
Now Paige has to confront her past and everything that torments her at night, because a look into the past was the only solution to everything we’d been afraid of questioning. 
Who am I, and who was she?

REVIEW – A new to me author, and i must say the blurb really drew me in. That and that fact that from page one you are thrown right into the middle of the action of this story. A riveting story about a terrible past and moving forward in life but also being pursued. Loved the dual POV as i am a huge fan of getting deep into each characters head and thoughts it really enhances the story for me. A gripping romance with plenty of mystery and suspense and a good few nail biting moments also. Well worth a read and i cannot wait to see the other books in this series.