The Last Book Cover The Last
Hanna Jameson
31st January 2019

BREAKING: Nuclear weapon detonates over Washington

Historian Jon Keller is on a trip to Switzerland when the world ends. As the lights go out on civilisation, he wishes he had a way of knowing whether his wife, Nadia, and their two daughters are still alive. More than anything, Jon wishes he hadn’t ignored Nadia’s last message.

Twenty people remain in Jon’s hotel. Far from the nearest city and walled in by towering trees, they wait, they survive.

Then one day, the body of a young girl is found. It’s clear she has been murdered. Which means that someone in the hotel is a killer.

As paranoia descends, Jon decides to investigate. But how far is he willing to go in pursuit of justice? And what kind of justice can he hope for, when society as he knows it no longer exists?


REVIEW- The blurb really drew me in for this book, then he cover is also so intriguing i had to read it. A solid story with plenty of mystery and thrills and worry over is it all true and when the world ends could you survive mentally and physically. The narration was spot on, engaging and had me thinking deep and hard about the characters and what they are going through. The story delves onto the idea that to be with people but still be alone at the end of the world can have interesting results.Worth stepping out of your comfort zone and having a go with this story