Stealing Her Book Cover Stealing Her
Covet #1
Rachel Van Dyken
5th November 2019

My estranged twin brother, Julian, was always the wonder boy – and soon-to-be CEO of our ruthless father’s corporation. My mother and me? Left behind. Now, years after tearing our family apart, my father dares to ask “me” for a favor? Pretend to be Julian while he fights to survive a tragic accident. It can save the company. Nobody will be the wiser. It’ll be our secret.

I can play Dad’s favorite. I’ll do anything for Julian. And for my mother, who’ll want for nothing.

But this double life comes with a beauty of a hitch: my very real feelings for Julian’s fiancée, Isobel. Not only am I betraying Julian, I’m deceiving a woman I love. She doesn’t suspect a thing. As lies compound, lines are crossed and loyalties tested, all I can ask myself is. . .what have I done?

Because sooner or later something’s got to give. There’s no way I’m giving up Isobel. But once the truth is exposed, it might not be my choice at all. 

REVIEW – Plenty of family drama and secrets mixed up in this romance story. I felt Isobel was a bit naive at times and to not spot the differences between the two men. The writing as always with Rachel Van Dyken is excellent and flows smoothly, not my fave of her stories but i have really enjoyed the book and it was nice to have an easier read than other books i have read recently. FYI the dad in the story is horrible, totally a vile human!!! A romance where the secrets could spoil everything so keeps you on your toes and worrying what could go wrong