Precarious - Jokers' Wrath MC Book 1
Jokers' Wrath MC
Bella Jewel
4th august 2014

Ash is a prison warder, and she is a female who is respected amongst the prisoners and staff that is until a new inmate arrives - Krypt. During a prisoner transport Ash gets taken into Krypts world and she has to rely on him and his MC to protect and care for her. Can she do this and survive as the same person she once was.

I have been a fan of Bella Jewel for a long time ever since being introduced to the characters of Meadow and Axel. Dare i say it but i think my loyalties have changed to Ash and Krypt, my god this book did not let up. Bella Jewel has excelled herself this book was sooo hot, seriously i am sure my kindle was letting off sparks at one point it was that steamy. I loved how Ash was a independant woman who didn’t want to be restrained by any man or having a stifling relationship she still wanted to do what she wanted, while sharing her life with someone . I also love how she is a tough as nails girl, yes she is a woman but she can handle her own against men who are trying to intimidate her. Krypt meanwhile is all kinds of hotness, someone please locate me my local MC club to pick up an order of that kinda man 🙂 . The story ends well, i will not let you know how (that will spoil all the fun) and i devoured the pages of this book so easily and had such fun reading it. I look forward to reading more of the Jokers’ Wrath series