My Skylar
Penelope Ward
epic romance

Mitch meets Skylar when they are just children, they form a bond and over the years become best friends. However life is not so kind to everyone they are seperated by family, education, illness, mistakes and disagreements. They reconnect through the years sometimes for good times and other times for the bad. This story takes you through those years and Mitch and Skylars' journey through life

I had heard a lot about Penelope Ward’s work , but this was my first book of hers to read, and wowzer i loved this so much one of the best books of the year i can tell you. When we meet Mitch and Skylar we know something serious has happened but we do not know the full story, over the course of the book we experience the highs and lows of the characters. My god Mitch was so lovely i felt for him by the end of the book for all he experienced. While Skylar has been through so much personally by herself and with other people close to her in life she is damaged in a different way to Mitch. There are hot scenes, such sad scenes my god my heart broke for these characters and then it soared hoping they would get together. I will not tell you the outcome, i do not write reviews that give away the story as i want you to enjoy it yourself. All i can say is if you do not read this epic, love story that transcends a persons lifetime you will be kicking yourself.