The Love Series Book 5
Melissa Collins

Dylan is a youn man who knows who he is and who he loves, his best friend. Despite all teh struggles they have he knows he will have the love of his family, his best friend though does not have a family this loving. Tragedy strikes the best friends and leaves Dylan alone and without the person he loves. Time moves on and Dylan meets Conner an ex-MMA fighter who has feelings for Dylan. Conner is determined to get through to Dylan that they can have a relationship.

I got this book to review and it was not what i usually read, but i was very surprised. The story is full of so much emotion and tragedy that all the characters have to overcome to be with the ones they love. The story is set over a long time period, but this does not make it hard to understand what is happening, in fact i feel it adds to the depth of the story and increases the tragedy involved. The love felt between