Infraction Book Cover Infraction
Players Game #2
Rachel Van Dyken
9th January 2018

New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken proves that everyone scores to win. But off the field, a fumble can change the entire game.

Pro footballer Miller Quinton would do anything for his best friend and teammate—including “fake dating” his friend’s sister. What no one knows is that seven months ago in Vegas, Miller and Kinsey did a whole lot more than just kiss. Miller knows that this cheerleader is off-limits to him and any guy on the team. Still, he can’t stop himself.

Kinsey’s whole world is on the verge of crumbling. Her dad has cancer. Her overprotective brother is falling apart. Dating Miller may be a fake-out, but he’s the one guy who can make her forget about everything—including all the reasons she stayed away from football players. With each heated moment, Miller feels more like a safe place…even though he’s not safe at all.

Now temptation is testing every rule in the game of love. But how long can they go on playing when winning is a harder goal than either of them imagined?

Review – Yay it is time for Miller’s story and it is so good. A hot and tempting romance story about pretending to be someones boyfriend,even if that hot person is a sports star and a friend of your brothers. That ladies and gents only leads to serious sexual tension and emotions running high. But will either character survive the pit falls of pretending to be in a relationship if the emotions start to become more than pretend? You so need to read this book, and series, Miller is my fave so far from this series.