In His Shadow
The Tangled Ivy Trilogy
Tiffany Snow
16th December 201

I am a big fan of Tiffany Snow since discovering the Kathleen Turner series and Blank Slate. So to read her new work was a joy. This book is not the Kathleen Turner series it feels a bit more like Blank Slate but it is not the same as that story either. It is a high octane thrill ride, where you do not know who Ivy our central character can trust.Ivy is a great character she is strong – she has and does put up with so much that would break others down, she is sensitive to other people before herself.I love how Ivy has a champagne taste but on a much cheaper budget that makes her so similar to is normal people who walk past a window and admire the clothes and shoes we can see enticing us to buy them, she works hard and treats herself to the finer things in life if she can afford them. Devon Clay is an iceberg, i know a strange way to describe him but let me explain. He is cool and calm in the face of adversity, like an iceberg floating along the surface of the water ┬áready to smash into whatever is around the corner. While under the surface Devon is so much deeper than he first seems and he has so much history which makes him the dark, enigmatic stranger who you just keep needing to know more about this man who has barged into Ivy’s life and changed it inexplicably for the better and the worse. This book is not the Kathleen Turner series do not go into it thinking that it is, it is Tiffany’s great writing style but the story is new, the characters are different and interesting they most certainly have lots of room to grow in this series, I feel a couple of romances developing between Ivy and two characters one will be obvious i do not know if you will all agree with me about the second one. The action in this story is non-stop, its a jet setting action-romance story where once you think you know why something is being done and what will happen you turn the page and are left wondering what will happen next to these characters. I loved this new work from Tiffany Snow and am eagerly awaiting more from her and the delicious Devon Clay, he may be swerving me from my other Tiffany Snow book boyfriend – Blane. Devon certainly pips him to the post on quite a few areas in my opinion and i love his mysterious side i want to unravel him and his secrets.