Accidental Tryst:A Romantic Comedy Book Cover Accidental Tryst:A Romantic Comedy
Natasha Boyd
8th March 2018

A new standalone, sexy, romantic comedy! Meet Trystan Montgomery. Suit monkey, commitment-phobic serial dater. No more than three dates, unless he hasn’t … you know. 

What a disaster! I only just made my flight to New York to help my uncle, and the phone I’m holding is not mine! It seems to belong to some commitment-phobic serial dater who’s never made it past four dates (according to the constant notifications he’s getting from his fake dating profile…) And worse? I have a sinking feeling it’s that hot suit-monkey with the arctic grey eyes I just had a run-in with at the airport. Somehow I have to persuade him not to get a new phone until I get back. My whole life is on that phone. It’s only a few days. Surely we can handle it. 

Trystan :
This is a joke, right? My life could not get more f*cked up. I’m in the middle of selling my company and on my way to a funeral and that hot mess hippie-chick stole my freaking phone. I’m not sure how she convinced me not to immediately walk into a smart phone store and get a new one, but now she’s going to have to play stand in and distract me while I deal with my long-avoided and estranged family. I don’t have my dating apps after all, and frankly she’s pretty funny. And sexy. And why can’t I stop texting her? And now we’re talking. And … look, I’ll admit that I usually run for the hills the morning after, but the morning after phone sex? That’s not really real, right?

REVIEW – OK, let me begin by saying i love this book. I was in a bit of a book funk for a bit and  tried reading this book but it was not the right time. It was just not the right book at the right time, but then i picked it up last weekend and wham bam it was so much fun to read. It took me out of my book funk , i fell in love with these characters so opposite but connecting so well. And oh my the book made me smile a lot and there is some serious swooning romance in the story. I love this book so much and i love the cover as well, so bright and fun just like this story. Let me be honest and say i have not read much of this authors work, i have dipped my toe in shall we say, but now i will be searching out her other writings to read.