The Sadist And The Stolen Princess Book Cover The Sadist And The Stolen Princess
Lords Of Time #6
Jenn LeBlanc
25th September 2018

A title bestowed

A woman stolen

One chance for atonement

Madoc returns to London to take up the title of The Warrick by command of His Queen. Her Imperial Majesty gives him a single directive therein: to make amends with his family.
He has no idea how he’s to do it, but scaring the wits out of a woman and taking her home probably won’t help in his quest. But He’s drawn, inexplicably, to this tiny creature who refuses to leave his house, says ridiculous things, and has insane ideas. Every bit of her speaks to the darkest reaches of his soul.

Keeping her, though, is dangerous. If his family finds out he’s up to his old tricks once again, he’ll never find the one thing he needs to survive‚Ķatonement.

REVIEW – I am still a relative newby with historical romance,so finding the books that suit me is a challenge. And unfortunately this book proved a challenge for me. The history was patchy in its correctness and the story just left me not being able to connect with it. Maybe a time travelling historical romance is not for me i think. I am sure there are many fans of such books but for me i will have to pass