Daisy Book Cover Daisy
Archer's Creek #2
Gemma Weir
25th April 2018


They say eyes are the windows to the soul. I thought that was bullshit until I saw hers. Huge doe eyes that should have sparkled with happiness and laughter were dead and lifeless. That was the moment that changed everything. Two random meetings, nine emails, four days and a broken Angel that changed my entire world.


Such a silly name for a beautiful boy. Daisy is the saviour I crave and the safety I haven’t felt in years. My world is spinning out of control but he’s the salvation that can keep me alive — if I’ll let him. Two random meetings, nine emails, four days and a broken boy that brought me back to life

REVIEW – Ok,first the news,you do not need to read the first book in the series to read this story. Some people may find it better to read the first book, but i never had a problem jumping straight into this story. What a great book to read, i loved the opposites attract side of the romance that explodes with passion. Blooms is not the right word for this books romance it is hot and explosive but also delicate and sexy – love that. I love the connection Daisy and Angel have (sigh) but i also love the bad guys in this book. Now let me get this straight i don’t mean i love them like ooh he is a hot bad boy i mean they are awful its good to have characters to despise it shows the author has got you invested in the story – which i was btw. Daisy was a character that needed his own story since we got a glimpse of him in the first book and this story certainly does him justice 🙂