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Forgiving Reed Release Details

Forgiving Reed
Southern Boys #1
CA Harms
13th October 2014

FORGIVING REED by CA Harms is LIVE!!!! #OneClick this second chance romance novel novel!

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Hourglass Squared release day

Hourglass Squared Book Cover Hourglass Squared
K.S Smith & Megan C Smith

After recovering from being scorned by the same man, best friends Brooke and Savannah have not only mended their friendship, but also their hearts. With both girls finally married to the Worthington twins, these women have found it all and are living in pure marital bliss.
But not all honeymoons last forever. When Brooke and Josh announce they have a baby on the way, Savannah realizes this is all a bit more than she signed up for. With pressure coming from Jake to start a family, tempers flare and relationships are pushed to the breaking point; driving her to the brink of insanity as she is propelled toward the house in suburbia with the white picket fence.
Brooke tries to stand by Savannah, and be the best friend she has always been, but soon the tables turn and Brooke will need everyone's support as her world comes crumbling down atop of her.
Join Brooke and Savannah in Hourglass Squared as they fight any obstacle that comes their way, together. Relationships will be tested, friendships strained, causing the course of their lives to be changed, forever.

A new release today ladies and gents, and let me tell you book one was amazing – funny,sweet and sad. So i have no idea what is in store for book two but if these teasers are an indication it is a lot of drama.

Hourglass squared links
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23153932-hourglass-squared
Smashwords: http://bit.ly/1suxQfB

Here is author info and buy links

K.S. Smith
K.S. Smith is an aspiring new contemporary romance author. When she is not writing you will most likely find her tanning on the beautiful Florida beaches, spending time with her family and friends or dedicating her time to the military through her favorite non-profit organization.
K.S. Smith was born and raised in Tampa, FL and continues to build her life there in her new home with her boyfriend of ten years who will hopefully one day put all book boyfriends to shame with an out of this world proposal.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kssmith23
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kssmith_23
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7215509.K_S_Smith
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/K.-S.-Smith/e/B00GFLHKQ0/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1411673603&sr=1-1

Megan C. Smith
Megan Smith was born and raised in beautiful Tampa, Florida where she spent her days falling in love with fictional characters from a very young age.
After marrying her best friend she relocated to North Carolina to support her husband’s career as a U.S. Marine. During her time in North Carolina Megan was blessed with 3 beautiful children who have kept her constantly busy chasing after them and enjoying the daily routine of motherhood.
Most recently Megan and her family have relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida where she has spent the past few months achieving her lifelong dream of publishing her very first novel; as well as continuing to submerge herself in some of her favorite books while appreciating a glass of wine and her favorite, salted pretzel Milanos.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Smith.Megan512
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MSmith628
Website: http://authormegansmith.blogspot.com/
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Megan-C.-Smith/e/B00FMXA8E8/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_2
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7189802.Megan_C_Smith

Buy links for Hourglass
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/21526110-hourglass
Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/q5vor5k

Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/1peUO5t
iBooks: http://tinyurl.com/pm9pwwp

Kobo: http://bit.ly/1qz2zCG

Smashwords: http://tinyurl.com/qa7b5ye

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Forever Love series – coming soon

Forever Light & Forever Dark Book Cover Forever Light & Forever Dark
Forever Love series
Chelsea Landon & Megan Smith
16th October 2014

From the lights of the field, to the curve in the road, one shattered breath leaves friendships forever altered.
The Forever Love Series will submerge you into two novels intertwined together where love and loss can break you down, tear you apart, and even last forever, if you’re willing to let it.
After a celebratory night for six friends on the cusp of adulthood ends tragically, they’re left learning how to carry on. Years later, through their own struggles and accomplishments, each is left suspended by fears that encase them with such an intense blinding light, and a horrific soul-stealing darkness. Can they find their way out of the intricate web of guilt and deceit? Can they grasp the light amongst the shadows of what they used to be... and manage to be who they should become?
Sometimes the only way to heal is to face the fear of forever.
Forever Dark:
In Forever Dark, a novel by Chelsea Landon, you’ll spiral through life’s twists and turns of Cash Bryant, humbled quarterback, living his dream on the brink of fame, and Madison Thomas, a girl who shares the burden of the accident and destined for failure. Two people torn apart by tragedy; fearing that letting go will sever their remaining connection.
Forever Light:
In Forever Light, a new novel by USA Today Bestselling Author Megan Smith, you’ll meet Landon Hayes, an all-star wide receiver who is spiraling out of control after that one fateful night, and Macy Thomas, a college sweetheart who is shy and afraid to come out of her shell since the accident. When the heart-breaking reality sets in, can they find their light or is the past too dark to find their way?

So i will be reviewing this series on the 10th November 2014, so please keep your eyes open for my review, until then here are some excerpts, the synopsis and author info.

Author Info:
Chelsea Landon –
A stay-at-home mom, Chelsea spends her days drinking entirely too much caffeine, baking sugar-sweet treats she never eats, playing on Pinterest, and jotting down notes for her novels. A dreamer at heart, she’s been creating happily-ever-afters. She’s a lover, a writer, a dreamer, would rather type than speak, wants to remember everything, loves lots of ice in her drinks, and is slightly introverted.
Facebook | Twitter | Website | Goodreads

Megan Smith –
USA TODAY bestselling author Megan Smith is a New Jersey native managing purchasing for an award-winning business IT and software development firm – and by night creating the memorable characters her fans have grown to adore. Smith’s The Love Series introduces readers to MacKenzie Cahill – a hopeful young woman who experiences adversity, challenges and the bittersweet triumph of true, authentic love.
Smith is a wife and mother, who makes time for her family, professional life and the creation of the Cahill’s world. Fans of The Love Series – Trying Not To Love You, Easy To Love You, Hard To Love You – are captivated by relationships, special bonds and family ties pervasive in Smith’s emotional, energized and engaging work. Smith is also the author of the 2014 releases, Let Me Love You – continuations of The Love Series, Finding Us (Finding Series) and a few top secret projects.
Facebook | Twitter | Website | Goodreads

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FixUp - RD Banner

Fix Up release day info

Fix Up Book Cover Fix Up
Patch up #2
Stephanie Witter
new adult, contemporary romance

Saying “I love you'' doesn’t erase the old scars and fears.  

"I love you to insanity. I'm not even sure if it's a good thing.'' — Duke  

Skye is trying to overcome what happened with Sean. Now that she’s slowly healing, both physically and mentally, she’s determined to do something she should have done sooner.  

She’s meeting twice a week with a new, very young therapist, Dr. Marshall.  

There, she’s able to talk freely, unwind, and question things. Most of the sessions she talks about herself and her hang-ups, along with her relationship with Duke, which is still on rocky ground.  

"I want to taste his sweat. I want to hear his groans. I want to feel him inside of me.'' — Skye  

But while Skye is slowly getting back on her feet, Duke feels like he's drowning. He’s afraid of pushing her too much, of initiating intimacy, and it’s weighing between them. Moreover, knowing that he's not the one she’s talking to anymore is making him feel things he never thought possible.  

"It’s a matter of when I’ll stop fighting." — Duke  

As days pass, Duke is showing over and over how vulnerable he truly is and how Skye has more power over him than she ever imagined.  

When Skye sees how they keep hurting each other, she’s determined to do everything in her power to make things right, no matter what the cost. 

But one thing is still sure; she can count on Duke whenever she needs him, even if they disagree and fight. When Duke loves, he loves with everything he’s made of, the good and the bad.  

"Loving her is confusing, making me afraid of myself and what I can do ... because I can break us both." — Duke

th th October So this is book two Fix Up, book one was called Patch Up. Both books one and two will be reviewed by me on 29th October 2014. And coming near the end of November 2014 is book 3 Change Up.

Here is some info on Stephanie Witter and some links as well, Patch Up is on sale right now, so go get that then get book 2

Stephanie Witter info
Stephanie Witter is a French dreamer. She started learning English at three, and fell in love with the language. Always with a book, or two close by, she started reading in English when she couldn’t wait any longer for Harry Potter to be translated in French. After a while, reading wasn’t enough. She started writing Young Adult and New Adult Contemporary novels and PATCH UP was her first New Adult Contemporary novel.

Social Links:
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/Stephanie.witter.author
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/StephanieR76
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/Stephaniewitter
Blog: http://stephanie-witter.blogspot.com
Website: http://stephanie-witter.weebly.com

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Choosing Henley – Anne Jolin

Choosing Henley Book Cover Choosing Henley
Rock Falls #2
Anne Jolin
romance, erotica
30th September 2014

So this is my first Anne Jolin book, and i know it is the second in the Rock Falls series but it did not matter one bit that i was reading the second book, it can easily be read as a stand alone novel. Yeah some of the characters appear in book one but that really did not diminish the story. Lennon is our female lead and i loved her to bits, i totally related to her not letting people in incase they break who she has become. But lets face it who would not let Jami into their lives after Lennon and Jami’s first encounter – yep it was scorchio hot.
In addition that boy is relentless when he wants something he goes after it, and despite what we all may think of this method the way he does it is so sweet. Now those of you who read my blog know i do not give away the plot fully as it distracts from reading the story, but i hope you agree with me that date #1 post new years was super adorable. Jami sets the bar high for real life men in the way he is so natural with his methods.Malibu Barbie in Choosing Henley is completely abhorrant, she is disgusting. I loved all the supporting characters and i feel Peyton has an important story to tell, please Anne Jolin tell me Peyton’s story is in the works as well as Jay’s. Saying that at the end of the book is a teaser to book three and i cannot wait to get my hands on that story, as well as book 1 when i get the chance.

Here is some info on Anne Jolin as well as links to the book x

Anne Jolin
I’m twenty four years old. I was born and raised in Ladner, a small farm town just outside of Vancouver, Canada. I grew up riding horses, shooting guns and riding in trucks. I’ve been married to my handsome redneck husband for a year and we are parents to our chocolate fur baby, Bear. No kiddo’s yet! I am completely and utterly obsessed with country music, you will constantly find me stalking iTunes. If you don’t find me on iTunes, you’ll find me on Netflix because I am a self proclaimed movie junkie. Yes, that means that I quote them constantly in daily conversation and my characters do too! You couldn’t keep me away from a good action movie if you tried. I’m also a planning nut. I love to plan parties, events, trips – you name it! I don’t know if that’s considered a real hobby, but it is for me. 
We were fortunate enough to travel a lot as a family growing up, and I think that helped spark my love of reading. I’m half Viking, my mom is Danish, and her entire side of the family still lives in Denmark. We’d visit them almost once a year, every year and it’s a nine hour flight. That’s a lot of uninterrupted time to read (or in my parent’s case, entertain four children – Yikes!). Somewhere along the way my love of reading, became a love of writing. I wrote short stories when I was younger, and although I majored in Business Management at college, I took as many English electives I could get my hands on. 
During the day I work at my family construction company wearing a variety of different hats and at night, I write! I had never thought about writing books before, but after a few suggestions that I should try, I decided to give it a go. I loved it instantly! Having always been a creative person, it felt amazing to harness all that energy and use it to tell a story. Now, quite frankly it’s all I can think about, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m grateful to have developed my love of reading into a passion for writing. You’ll be seeing many more books from me in the future! Xo.
Social media links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorannejolin
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8388273.Anne_Jolin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/authorannejolin
Website: http://www.annejolin.com/


Book Links

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1xC0oHm
Kobo: http://bit.ly/1nAKuKi
B&N: http://bit.ly/1yzgtii
iTunes: http://bit.ly/1rv7T0f

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