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Chasing Jenna – cover reveal

Chasing Jenna Book Cover Chasing Jenna
Micki Fredricks
Romantic Suspense
November 27, 2014

Twenty year old Jenna Clausen has one chance to change her life… and she's going to take it.
Leaving the darkness of her life two hundred miles behind her, Jenna arrives at the one place that could save her…college. Pushing her fears aside while gathering all of her courage, she steps out into her new life, and right into the sights of Cale Davis.
Cale is part of the most elite house on campus simply called, The Brotherhood. It’s an exclusive house with one rule for membership, either you are born into The Brotherhood or you’re not. Cale makes it a priority to get what he wants…and he wants Jenna. He sets a plan into motion to make Jenna his.
There is however, one flaw to Cale’s plan, Ryan Kitson. Also a fellow Brother in the House, he is a Cale-approved study partner for Jenna. But when her feelings for Ryan start to grow, Jenna has another decision to make….one she couldn't possibly have understood the dangers of.
She suddenly finds herself engulfed by a lifestyle so dark and twisted she can’t find a way out. On the run and unsure who to trust, she spirals deeper and deeper into her nightmare. Jenna struggles to put all the pieces together until it finally becomes clear… The decision she made to save her life, might actually be the one that ends it.
**This book is a Romantic Suspense for mature audiences, 18+ due to dark topics with references to both sexual and violent situations.*

About The Author

If they’d known about ADHD when I was little, my Ritalin dosage would’ve been OFF THE CHARTS!!
 It goes without saying; I spent A LOT of time by myself after the teacher moved my desk out into the hallway. ** Silver lining**  With all that alone time on my hands, I used my imagination to make the world interesting. 
When I was little, people said I had an “active imagination”. In elementary school, teachers called me a “daydreamer”.  My high school counselor said I needed to “learn how to focus” and my college professors warned me to “buckle down”.  Before I knew it, it was time to “grow up”.
So that’s what I did. I grew up, got married and had five kids. I work as a full time nurse, active in my church, part of the most amazing book club, blog about books with my best friend and cart small humans to school, football, theater, dance ect. Oh yeah…and write a bit when I can and now people say I’m “talented”.
 Moral of my story: Hug your kids, embrace their differences… love them for who they are. Someday, the traits you think are struggles now…Might be what makes them the happiest!
Micki lives in small town Iowa with her husband, kids and a fat Cocker Spaniel named Joey. She is the author of Winds of Darkness, released in February of 2013 and Chasing Jenna, to be released Thanksgiving Day, 2014.

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All That Matters – Yolanda Olson

All That Matters Book Cover All That Matters
Yolanda Olson
28th November 2014

I used to be Amity Crane.
I used to be successful, strong, beautiful, loved. I used to be the girl who would make guys pant when I walked by them, the girl that took the world by storm, and the girl that loved a good adventure more than anything else. I was the girl obsessed with superhero movies and devoured all the books I could get my hands on.

I used to be a lot of things until three years ago...

Now I’m Lieve, red light district whore extraordinaire, to be used at any male or females discretion until I can pay back a debt that was never mine to begin with. A debt that I know nothing about for a family that tricked me into thinking I had found a safe place to live.

This is my story.

I was so lucky to receive and ARC of this book by Yolanda Olson. The prologue for the story tells you about the girl before the incident. Yeah she is not the nicest person, but she has tried to redeem herself. All the good she has done to her life and the changes she has made get snatched away from her in an instant. Then it is a life of darkness, terror and uncertainty. Lieve as she becomes is strong, and smart. But this does not prepare her for people who are stronger and smarter at times than herself. Despite the setbacks she experiences and they are many she is still a resilient character that refuses to roll over and give in. I loved this side to Lieve sometimes females in these books can be meek and breakable, but this character tries with all her might to not be like that. Yes it is most certainly hard and at times she falters both with her conviction and her feelings towards the man who is holding her captive. But who is this man who is holding her captive? He is i am 100% sure not what he seems, and who is the man or woman behind the figurative curtain? I have my thoughts but i will not voice them here as you have to read this book to deduce your thoughts. Yes this is a dark book, and it deals with difficult subject matter (sex slaves and sex trafficking) but the difference between this and other books i have read is that there is not a lot of sex written it is implied apart from once it is more the story of strength of character in such a dark desolate situation, and how to stay who you originally are not who they want you to be.

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Grayson – Lisa Eugene

Grayson Book Cover Grayson
Lisa Eugene
25th September 2014

All she needed was a job…
The last thing twenty-four year old grad student Angie Roberts needs is to worry about her new boss’s father. After all, she’s never even seen him. He remains sequestered upstairs in a house that looks like it should be the main feature in an episode of Hoarders. She had no idea the house was such a dump when she took the job. But she’s concerned about the safety and health of the old man living under such horrid conditions.

What she got was a mystery…
Despite warnings not to venture upstairs, she wanders up to the second floor. What she sees is shocking. The man she finds is a gorgeous, sexy, middle-aged man-- and he's stepping out of the shower. But something is definitely not right. Why would this wealthy, handsome man live in a house in such disrepair while his nine-teen year old son resides in a lavish penthouse? Why does he hide away from society? Why does he come to her rescue and then run away?

What she discovered was heartbreaking…
Angie learns that forty-four year old Grayson Whitmore suffers from schizophrenia. Paranoid, he retreats into his own world.

What she ended up with was a treasure…
Angie is determined to get through to him. They form a friendship that blazes into an inconceivable love fired with erotic passion. Angie must now come to Grayson’s rescue because the wicked that has been perpetrated on him is unconscionable. First, though, she must gain the trust of a man whose mind does not allow for such a thing.



This will be my second Lisa Eugene book to read, the first being Wrapped in Shadows, and let me tell you Grayson was just as good as Wrapped in Shadows. As you can tell by the book blurb Grayson is a powerful man, but he has issues but these are no ordinary issues. The way Lisa deals with the mental illness side of the story is very sensitive and the story is lovely and sweet with flashes of passion throughout. The age gap between the characters did not bother me, sometimes i find the age gaps a bit too big but in this story it was a side of the story that though part of it never became an over-riding factor. This book was sweet and tortured and a joy to read. It differred to Wrapped in Shadows but in a really different and fresh way that showed how Lisa Eugene can go from romantic suspense to the sweet tortured romantic story that i love to read when curled up at night.
I know my review for Wrapped in Shadows is not on my site, but i will resolve that when i next get a free moment, it is also a book i would recommend you read just like i would recommend reading Grayson

Here is some info on Lisa Eugene…
Lisa Eugene began writing as a way to mentally escape from the hectic medical world where she has been a practicing nurse for over twenty years. After publishing her first novel, STRICTLY BUSINESS, she quickly learned that readers couldn’t get enough of the world she created and now she lives out her wildest fantasies by writing steamy romantic suspense for her fan-favorite Washington Memorial Hospital series.

When she’s not plotting her next dangerous, fast-paced, sexy adventure, you can find her juggling a full time job, playing soccer mom, or curled up reading a good romance.


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For Luca release day

For Luca Book Cover For Luca
Chicago Syndicate #2
Soraya Naomi
romantic suspense
25th October 2014

Betrayal is difficult to overcome when the trust is gone.
Luca did everything for Fallon. But as the underboss of the Chicago Syndicate, he has an entire organization depending on him, and she is a weakness he can no longer afford.
When Fallon’s life continues to unravel, she will need Luca more than ever, but can she move beyond all the lies and deceit?
The pull of love still ties them together, but their secrets have driven them apart. Even after everything that’s happened, Fallon owns Luca’s heart, but the Chicago Syndicate owns his life.
How can he be with the woman he loves yet still remain loyal to an organization that lives by its own rules, above any law? It’s a choice he can’t afford to make, and when nothing is as it seems, the ultimate decision may mean life or death for Luca.
A romantic suspense.

Ok so For Luca is the follow up to For Fallon, which i was so lucky to get to read, it was most certainly right place right time. Otherwise i may never have heard of Soraya Naomi and her novel, which by the way won an award, see below. And what a read it was, my review for it is on this site and the link is

Now because i loved book one so much, i am re-reading it then straight away starting book two, it is my little treat to myself and i can binge read the story to the max. Therefore my review is going to be posted on the 2nd November 2014. But that gives you all time to catch up with me and either start For Fallon and ten seamlessly move onto For Luca, or to read For Luca so we can all enjoy it together and discuss what happens.

About Author Soraya Naomi
I was born in South America in 1984 and raised in Europe where I presently reside with my fiancé.
I read many genres but favor intense, dark, seductive, and provocative novels where the male character loves fiercely, without remorse or boundaries. I also adore forbidden love tales and have an odd fascination with kidnapping romances. No, I don’t secretly want to be kidnapped, though!
I have a passionate obsession with the written word and indulge in chocolate pastries much too often.
My debut novel For Fallon (Chicago Syndicate, #1) was released on July 26, 2014. I’m honored that For Fallon won “Best Breakout Novel 2014” in the Novel Grounds Semi Annual Literary Awards.
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Heavy – J.C. Mells

J.C. Mells
31st August 2014

When Thatch Reston, new, up-and-coming hot shot in the tattoo world, goes to do a private ink job for the rock legend that helped put his name on the map, he never expected to meet the girl of his dreams.

And he didn’t.

Instead, he met California Huntington, who according to the tabloid press is a rich, self-absorbed, over-privileged socialite with a drug and alcohol dependency. In other words, everything Thatch is NOT looking for in a potential soul mate. If he were, hypothetically-speaking, looking for one at all, that is.

California Huntington has a secret she’s ashamed of. She perpetuates the media image of party-girl-gone-wild, only because it covers the real and ugly truth. Yes, she does abuse drugs, and yes, she has a problem with them, but it’s less addiction and more a side effect of what her real issue is.

Cali is bulimic – and has been since she was fifteen.

In her world, drugs and alcohol are glamorous, while an eating disorder is something sordid and dirty and should never be discussed in public. Cali soon realizes she needs to seek help before she falls deeper into that rock bottom she’s hovering on the edge of.

It takes one intense night with Thatch, a stranger who she’s just met, to change her life forever.

If only she could convince him that despite her past, she’s worth taking a chance on.

Wow, this book is good. The beginning of the book starts and we are thrust right into the action, and then from there we are moved to another time and place with no explanation as to why such an event occurred. Was it a nightmare, a figment of a delusional persons imagination? All we know is California (Cali) has issues and as we progress through the book we see where these issues arise from her evil step monster and step sister who are vile. When Cali and Thatch meet it is beautiful and different from so many other novels i have read, also i will never listen to Lana Del Rey the same way. Thatch is a tattooed hunk of a man, and hunk is not even the right word, he has so much going on in his life and to deal with you totally understand as a reader why he says and does certain things.
This is a story about addiction, redemption from your past be it that which you directly played a part in, and your past which you had no influence over and the events that occurred. When Cali and Thatch meet sparks fly, emotions are on overload and it is brilliant. All the supporting characters are so fun and witty, and provide the perfect support and push to Cali and Thatch and their story. This book makes you look at your life and decisions you make based on the people in it, however it also makes you realise you only have so much of a part in the decisions you take in your life, some things are out of your control. But this story makes you realise that you can go back and try and repair situations if you feel you need to or you can tread a new path.
I have since reading this book looked on goodreads and have seen that she has other books, that i will most certainly be looking into 🙂

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