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Vampire Book Cover Vampire
Desires of Blood #1
Ethan Radcliff
Paranormal Erotic Romance
3rd December 2014

Royce Bellamy was over one thousand years old. He was a vampire who now was one of New York’s finest. He’s faced with a dilemma, his current lover is pushing him to turn her, she’s one of the cities’ ADA’s.
Royce already has three vampire beauties running around the city who owed their immortality to him, did he need another?
His current human lover, Beth Ann has taken hold of him in a way he never expected. Vampires weren’t supposed to fall in love. Was it love? He’d find out soon enough.
Meet Lucinda, Magenta and Dahlia his three children. Royce will release them; it is after all the twenty-first century. One will fall in love with a warlock, one a jackal and one with a shape-shifter. Will any of them find redemption? Or will their desire always be of blood?

About the Author:

I’ve been writing since I was a kid. I love creating and tried my hand at art, not bad but not good enough. A guy’s gotta eat. Through high school I wrote erotic stories, kept them in a notebook, let a few of my girlfriends read them. Yeah, played football, baseball, but my brain never stopped thinking of sex. I guess we think about it all the time.
Been on face book for a while never did anything interesting when I was on until I started to see all the writers and then some poets posting their erotic prose.  Men who were writing erotic romance and stories, I knew it was my time to get out the old note book and throw on some poems. Some are old and some are new, the ones about BDSM are newer. In high school or college I wasn’t on that train of thought.
I see a picture it sets me off. A see an attractive women it sets me off. The jiggle of a full ass or heavy breasts, get me going. Yeah, my mind always is on a beautiful face or body.

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The Player – J.D. Chase

The Player
Rough Passion #1
J.D. Chase
adult erotic romance
13th June 2014

Feisty redhead, Isla Hamilton, is the ambitious Assistant General Manager of a luxury Kensington hotel. When the hotel is sold, she is desperate to become the new General Manager. There’s just one problem standing in her way, and it’s standing over six feet tall - the king of arrogance and inappropriateness, Xander Rhodes. Her mind hates his obnoxious, godlike presence but, no matter how hard she fights it, her body reacts to his distinct style of directness, particularly his dirty mouth, and maintaining a professional distance soon becomes difficult.

Events from the recent past haunt her, forcing her to swear that she’ll never give another man a chance to hurt her. But Xander isn’t interested in commitment, he’s too busy battling his own demons that are shrouded in secrecy so he can’t hurt her, right? When he warns her that spending the night with him would only make her crave him like an addiction, she is sceptical and determined to prove him wrong. If anything, she’d make him crave her.

But will she be ready to handle the fallout if she succeeds?

Warning: adult content - dirty talk and hot sex may offend the prudish!

Hot Damn!!! The dirty talk in this book is off the charts! Isla and Xander have a serious connection the talk between them is spicy and sinful so you have been warned. But it is good Isla is strong and gives as good as she gets. Also Isla is described as a normal woman curves and all, i know a lot of books describe their female leads as curvy in all the right places but Isla sounded normal like you and me reading this right now. Xander is sexy and confident and i love that in a man. The ending omg cliff hanger but you will want to return for book two which i will be posting the review for tomorrow, so keep your eyes open for it.

Covert – G.K. Moore

Covert Book Cover Covert
Chicago Angels #1
G,K, Moore
2nd December 2014

Alessandro is the unwilling heir of a Chicago crime family. Intent on leaving the life set out for him, he decides to run as fast and as far away as possible. His plans crumble when one girl crash lands in his life. He should hate the daughter of his father’s mistress, but it’s near impossible when he finds that they are alike in more ways than one.

Olivia grew up watching men walk in and out of her mother’s life. When one man finally decides to stay, she learns that crime lords don’t leave until someone’s dead. Olivia’s salvation comes from the person she least expects: his son.

Six years later, Olivia and Alessandro are reunited when her life is threatened. If time has proven one thing, it’s that repeating their parents’ mistakes seems inevitable.

In a world where friendship is a luxury and love a death sentence, two unlikely lovers find each other only to be separated by their cruel reality.

What i loved about this story is how it spans time, from when Olivia and Alessandro met until they are reunite. I am a sucker for those books that start with that connection and then life gets in the way before the characters connect again. This book did leave me with that argh  cliff hanger moment but then again i like that time you get to digest what you have read. Olivia is a determined character who does not want to repeat the mistakes of her family.The dark moments are a great part to the story, this book is not romance with a hint of crime and mafia, there are times it gets dark so you have been warned. That is not to say it is bad it ads to the story i feel. A great debut novel, i will be reading the second book as i need to know where the story goes.

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Becoming His – Mariah Dietz

Becoming His Book Cover Becoming His
Mariah Dietz
Contemporary Romance
1st December 2014

Sometimes life’s unforeseen paths lead us to discovering sides of ourselves we never knew existed.
Ace Bosse has always found solace at home, but when she returns for the summer from college she builds an unexpected relationship with the reckless Max Miller.
Three years ago, Max left for Alaska to find what he thought he’d lost, but now he realizes just how much he left behind.
Max teaches Ace that sometimes a little crazy is exactly what life needs while learning that some chances are worth taking, regardless of the risks.
But how do you know when you’ve met the right person? And will they be prepared to experience one of life’s biggest obstacles?
Falling in love isn’t easy, but holding on to it is where the real challenge lies.

I loved this book, and it it packed full of the emotions you have as a teenager/young adult. I loved the angst, laughter in the book and family dynamics for Ace and how the return of Max brings up emotions in Ace. Max is everything you ant in your leading man, as is Ace who is strong, vulnerable and relatable to all the readers who should read this book. I will warn you there is a cliff hanger, and i need book 2 asap to find out what happens next. I loved all the family member s Ace has, they and all the supporting characters are really well fleshed out almost like they are real people not fiction. Mariah Dietz has published a fantastic story that i devoured in reading, seriously did not want to go to sleep but unfortunately needs of the everyday must, but at the next opportunity i got i picked up the book and finished it off, now to me that is the sign of a great book.


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About the author: (Author Photo Attached)

Mariah Dietz lives in Eastern Washington with her husband and two sons that are the axis of her crazy and wonderful world.
Mariah grew up in a tiny town outside of Portland, Oregon where she spent the majority of her time immersed in the pages of books that she both read and created.
She has a love for all things that include her sons, good coffee, books, travel, and dark chocolate. She also has a deep passion for the stories she writes, and hopes readers enjoy the journeys she takes them on, as much as she loves creating them.

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