Underneath Book Cover Underneath
Andie M. Long
romantic suspense
30th September 2014

LAUREN LAWLER’s life is visually perfect. However husband Niall seems to have forgotten she exists. Running a Vintage shop on Ebay and meeting her best friend Monique for coffee and shopping, Lauren feels settled but bored. Collecting her nine year old son Joe from school one day, she discovers that the new mum at the gates is her old school foe Bettina.

Lauren is initially wary, but encouraged by Niall, attempts to be friendly, getting involved with the school’s summer fair so that Bettina can meet other parents. This throws Lauren into working with Seb, an outwardly nerdy looking teacher who turns out to be a hidden attraction. As Niall continues to be distant, Seb’s attentions become ever more tempting.

Bettina says she is back escaping a violent husband, but best friend Monique doesn’t buy it and warns Lauren to be careful.

As a vendetta threatens everything Lauren has taken for granted, she has to discover who she can trust. But how much does anyone ever really know about those around them, what’s underneath?

I really liked this story i love suspense stories and i liked the romance side of this story. My concern was i could not connect too easily with the central character at first she seemed so unrelated to me with her life and what she did in her spare time. But i did feel for her, how her husband never showed her any interest and regarded her life as something trivial. I felt like grabbing this husband and shouting at him, lol. The way the romantic situation developed between the characters was very different to the way i thought it would go, but that is not to say it is bad as it kept me on my toes and i love that in a story. The twists kept on coming and i never knew who was on our central characters side and who was willing to stick the knife in her back and double cross her. The ending was fast paced and from left field. I cannot say more than this as it will give away to much of the story and i do not like to review like that and ruin the book for you. This book goes to show me that at times it is what is underneath the surface that counts so much more to who a person is and also what you should be most wary of, as people can hide a lot underneath their projected self image. What lurks underneath can be dangerous!!

Below are buy links, author links and a rafflecopter, i have The Alphabet Game on my TBR list as i have heard such great things about this story, so when i am on vacation later this year i will be reading that.

Buy Links – Underneath
Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1qgCRHC
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Buy Links – The Alphabet Game
Amazon US: http://amzn.to/1tVDWGq
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/ZiemA4
Amazon CA: http://amzn.to/1CwpOpO
Amazon AU: http://bit.ly/1pkKRU5

About Andie M. Long
Andie M. Long is a bonkers mother of one, who spends most of her time when not working as a Research Administrator/Medical Secretary on Facebook. She has a long suffering partner.

Author of the erotic novel The Alphabet Game and drama/suspense Underneath,
she has several published short stories and poems; including an upcoming release for Cracked Eye. Andie has a regular blog at www.wordbohemia.com, ‘The Emergence of the Invisible Writer.’

Andie will be signing at Orchard Book Event, Peterborough, UK in March 2015, Tattooed Bad Boys Event, York, UK April 2015, Dublin July 2015 and Silver City Signing, Aberdeen, August 2015. For details keep in touch at www.facebook.com/andiemlongwriter

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