The Devil & The Diamonds #1
Bonnie Bliss
dark paranormal romance

This book is for over 18s only, the story begins in the past where the devil makes a deal with a man who owns slaves. The devil promises that the landowner will get all he needs if he signs over his future kin. So he does, the story then jumps ahead to the present day where Elizabeth is convinced she is going mad. Little realising the devil has come to claim her. The devil manipulates the surroundings of Elizabeth and infiltrates her mind with dark images that are highly sexual hence the need for the over 18s warning. Elizabeth has one person who can help her Jared so she goes to him to help her exorcise this hold the devil has over her.

This book is not for the faint hearted, it is very dark and very very sexual, do not read it if you are easily offended, certainly a 18+ book. I found the paranormal side to the story interesting it is not something i usually read be it dark and paranormal all in one book. It certainly added a new spin to the story. I did find the devil the most despicable character i have come across in a while, and seeing as the character is the devil it was a good rendition of how i believe they would be, manipulating mind and body of Elizabeth. Elizabeth as a character i can understand why she would feel she is going mad and everyone is out to get her, but i find her a bit wimpering. I like the ending and the talk of Jared as a character also so will be interested to see where the story goes concerning this.