Jennifer Burrows
romantic suspense

Katherine has been living the dream, or so she thought. Unexpected events cause her to go to Italy on a journey of self discovery. On this trip she runs into a dark brooding man called Tony, what follows is a whirlwind trip round Italy where Katherine learns how strong she really is and what she has been missing out on. Tony meanwhile has his own demons to deal with while also dealing with Katherine and her life, now he has become embroiled in it.

I was lucky enough to be able to read an advanced copy of this book, and i have discovered a new author who i really enjoy. Jennifer Burrows transported me to Italy and though i have never been there i felt the heat of the summer, and the noise of the city squares. I felt for the pain Katherine was feeling, and the need to get away from life for a bit and to become detatched from her usual routines that appear to be stifling her existence. The dark and brooding Tony is a welcome addition to Katherine’s journey and he opens up her world to new feelings and experiences. The food described in the book, oh my god i am sure my mouth watered numerous times, and i now need to visit this country, it has always been on the bucket list of trips. But i just want to visit to experience the restaurants and wine like Katherine did, if i happen to come across a man like Tony i will not be disappointed. This book took me on my own little adventure from the comfort of my perfect reading space, and i could not be more happy to have read it. And as a little after thought this book finished in one of the most perfect cities in the world (in my opinion) i will not tell you which or where abouts in the city, as it will spoil the book. Surrender was a read that transports me away from the mundane to a world which is full of action, romance and exotic locations, thank you for that Jennifer Burrows.