The Cactus Book Cover The Cactus
Sarah Hayward
4th October 2018


People aren’t sure what to make of Susan Green—a prickly independent woman, who has everything just the way she wants it and who certainly has no need for messy emotional relationships.

Family and colleagues find her standoffish and hard to understand, but Susan makes perfect sense to herself, and that’s all she needs.

At forty-five, she thinks her life is perfect, as long as she avoids her feckless brother, Edward—a safe distance away in Birmingham. She has a London flat which is ideal for one; a job that suits her passion for logic; and a personal arrangement providing cultural and other, more intimate, benefits.

Yet suddenly faced with the loss of her mother and, implausibly, with the possibility of becoming a mother herself, Susan’s greatest fear is being realised: she is losing control.

When she discovers that her mother’s will inexplicably favours her brother, Susan sets out to prove that Edward and his equally feckless friend Rob somehow coerced this dubious outcome. But when problems closer to home become increasingly hard to ignore, she finds help in the most unlikely of places.

REVIEW – I have to say what drew me to the book was not the cover as i have seen many people saying, but in fact the blurb. The book is not what i would usually pick up but i was intrigued, so i jumped in. Overall it was a quirky and fun read about a woman who is living her own life, free of constraints – to a degree who then gets caught up in many a scenario. Therefore having to re-evaluate who she is and what she is doing, which makes for quite some interesting monologues. A 3 star book from me i know a lot of people have enjoyed it more but it made a nice read from my usual genres