The Consequence Of Loving Colton Book Cover The Consequence Of Loving Colton
Consequences #1
Rachel Van Dyken

My name is Milo Caro and I have a confession to make.

I’ve been in love with Colton Mathews since I was five. He should have known that sharing a cookie with a sugar obsessed little monster would do the trick–it sealed his fate. So really, the fact that he’s sporting a black eye, a limp, almost got ran over by a car, and was nearly responsible for another person’s death? Right. HIS fault. Not mine.

I made a pact with myself–this weekend would be different. I’d come home for my brothers wedding, smile, and Colton would naturally melt into my arms, we’d get married have five kids, live in a house by the river, and get a dog named scratch (clearly I’ve thought this through).

What really happened? I punched my brother in the face, Colton kissed me and apologized, I lied about having a boyfriend, oh and everyone wants to meet the mystery man.

They say laughter always comes before insanity–ha, ha. All I wanted was my brother’s best friend…instead I’m sitting in prison.

Let this be a lesson to you all…life rarely happens the way you want it to.

Damn cookie.

This book was so what i needed to read right now. It hit that spot that had been left open for so long. How can i describe it? Well it is the perfect blend of romance between childhood friends, seriously funny moments and bouts of revenge, amazingly perfect dialogue and witty banter. Despite all these things and i know i am gushing there was also some seriously tender moments through the story your heart ached for Milo and i became a personal cheerleader for her and her methods to get over and shall we say on top of Colton.

Now lets not forget Colton the man who causes this reaction in Milo and how he is an equal match but also so tender and gentle when the time needs it. I have read work by Rachel before but this was perfection, i especially loved how a situation was dealt with in a very different way to how i usually read it in books, it was hot, gentle and sexy a refreshing change. 

Now Max is a seriously great best friend he knows no bounds in his methods and madness. Jason who is Milo’s brother he has a story that needs looking into Rachel Van Dyken i feel he needs his time somewhere in the future. All the secondary characters are fleshed out perfectly and have some seriously important moments in the story – Milo’s mum i mean you!!

If you have never read any Rachel Van Dyken this is the perfect starting book i feel for you as she has a few other series but this is the one you should start with 🙂