Deserted Book Cover Deserted
Deena Lipomi
8th July 2014

Seventeen-year-old Kara is done spying on people for her father, the wealthy and morally corrupt businessman Dr. Ellison. Last summer, when her father’s project literally blew up, she fell hard for one of his victims: Leo, the hot musician who made her question her family’s rules. Now Leo’s clear across the country, and Kara’s ready to reinvent herself in Las Vegas.

Of course her father has to mess up that plan, too. He claims a rogue environmental group wants him dead because of his latest alternative energy business venture, and that he needs Kara back on his payroll as the only one he can fully trust. With nowhere else to turn, Kara sends Leo a distressed text message – just before she’s kidnapped, a bargaining chip of the vigilantes who are determined to end her father’s moneymaking plans.

Leo is battling the pains of his last run-in with Dr. Ellison but he wastes no time hopping a plane to Vegas to rescue Kara. As he struggles to find her, the pair tries to learn all they can about the project Dr. Ellison is directing in the hopes of using the information to free Kara. Because if there’s one thing they’ve learned from Dr. Ellison, it’s that no risk is too big when it comes to fame and fortune, life and death.

Wow, action packed story, loved it.  I loved the dual central characters POV through the chapters, it added more depth to see what each thought of the situation. Kara has a father who lets face it is deceitful and just plain horrible. He uses Kara to get her on his side, and it is only the connection Kara and Leo felt that could be her saving grace, by sending the distress signal to Leo. Leo is all kinds of action man in his attempts to get to Kara, and i loved their relationship and how he flew so far to come to her aide. That is the sort of man you want on your speed-dial 🙂 The book was a great read, 5 stars as there was plenty of action and romance, my preferred kind of book for the romance genre, and it whizzed by got check out Deena Lipomi and her work i am glad i got the chance to.So after reading this book, i put my review up on goodreads like normal and i was amazed to see this is book 2 in a series, but could be read as a stand-alone story. So i will most certainly be looking into book one Blackout when i can.


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